If you're lucky enough to live to 100, the years between 50 & 75 are your third quarter. That segment in life could be the waning of your physically agile years, so it's a good idea to stay active. It's also a good time to challenge your brain to keep things limber up there - by mastering something new. We decided to go sailing, and this is a chronicle of our journey.

About Us

Click here to read our very first post, which explains - in a nut shell with photos - how we got here:

Here's us. Belinda and Don. 
She: from New England, painter & printmaker, tall, perpetually distracted and wandering to the next flight of fancy.
He: from Arizona, IT Security man and Firefighter, tall, perpetually focused, making and sticking to plans, driven.
We met in California and fit together like apple pie & ice cream.

Do you notice that in each photo, Belinda is hanging on to Don?

That's because he is her treasure. The keel on her boat. Her best friend.


Anonymous said...

I really like the blog. I have taken a look at all of the information and am very excited for your third quarter. I too would like to have a positive third quarter with a focus on travel and making memories with Gary. I am looking forward to following along ...all the way to your fourth quarter!!!

Belinda Del Pesco said...

Thanks so much, Sue! If you make it out for a visit, you'll have to join us on Florian for a drink. We promise not to make Gary crew for us - we'll stay in the slip, watch the sun go down and listen to the sea lions singing nearby. :)