If you're lucky enough to live to 100, the years between 50 & 75 are your third quarter. That segment in life could be the waning of your physically agile years, so it's a good idea to stay active. It's also a good time to challenge your brain to keep things limber up there - by mastering something new. We decided to go sailing, and this is a chronicle of our journey.


One Year as Boat Owners (& a Force 10 Sea Kettle Grill for sale)

Pacific Ocean skies above Florian's sails off the coast of Ventura
We took delivery of s/vFlorian - our Robinhood 36 - one year ago. I keep a folder of all boat related images on iphoto as a visual documentation/log of our projects, and as a reminder of our progress. In a year, we've taken a little over 2500 boat pictures.
This is how happy boat owners look (photo by our wonderous friend, J.H.)
Now, to be fair, I'm trigger happy on the shutter, and I like to document *everything*. This comes from being so visually oriented that I'm pretty much lost if I don't have visual cues in life (things like math & numeric time tables make me cry). But being turbo-girl on the camera is a benefit  I think, because when I scroll through the photos, and jot down the projects we've accomplished on the boat in the past twelve months, it's a loooong list, and I'm pretty sure I would have forgotten half of them without this pictorial diary.  I have many blog posts to write, to share all the repairs, upgrades and retrofits we've tackled, and I hope to write more this summer.  And in the meantime, we've got a Force10 kettle grill for sale. (See pics below.) Did I give you whiplash with that subject change? Ooops. Sorry. :)

This globe kettle was in the lazarette on our boat, and after a little cleaning, it's ready to grill.

Force10 still makes marine stoves, but I don't think they make kettle grills any more.

The stem of the kettle grill, to attach to your pulpit rail.

Propane connection on the grill (propane tanks are not included in this offering)

The manual to the Force 10 Sea Kettle Maine Barbecue

The hot plate and grill inside the kettle. It works fine, or use it for parts.

Hinges for the cover work great, as does the vent.
 If you're interested in buying this little sea kettle, send me an email at bdelpesco   at  mac  dot  com. I've got a box to ship it pretty much anywhere, and if you're in the area of Los Angeles or Ventura, you can just pick it up. Grill season is here. :) (Sold)

Sunset in Ventura, CA

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