If you're lucky enough to live to 100, the years between 50 & 75 are your third quarter. That segment in life could be the waning of your physically agile years, so it's a good idea to stay active. It's also a good time to challenge your brain to keep things limber up there - by mastering something new. We decided to go sailing, and this is a chronicle of our journey.


s/v Florian travels East to West via Truck

The good folks at Robinhood Marina bid farewell to s/v Florian
as she's prepped for transport from Maine to California.
s/v Florian leaving Robinhood, where she was
built, and subsequently hauled out & stored over the winter every year.
Like expectant parents, we watched anxiously as a cluster of
tornadoes tore through the midwest as Florian was
making her way cross country.
I will admit to one (1) phone call to the transport company to confirm that
Florian wasn't in harm's way after watching footage of 18 wheelers
and train cars being hurled in the air like toys.
Florian arrives at the boat yard inVentura California, and spies her first palm trees.
They look like locals, standing in a curious cluster, waving hi to the new kid.
Getting ready to move Florian off the truck.
On the travel lift, making her way to the water.
Her keel touches the Pacific for the first time. 
She's moved gently to a working slip to spend a few days getting re-commissioned.
Doesn't she look so naked without her mast & rigging? 
We waved goodbye to her, and drove home on cloud nine, eagerly
anticipating the next few weeks.
We were so excited, we could have done
cart wheels across the parking lot of the boat yard.
That beauty right there? Yes, THAT one. She's our sail boat. Whoot!

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Heather on Meerkat said...

OH MY!!! I was looking at Me Voy's blog and saw a comment YOU made!! Small world! Look at your pretty boat in that last photo :) and my boat sort of in the photos. Congrats Belinda!